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My academic ventures home page

The founder carrys on international business and technology R&D innovation,academic university teaching/student supervision, and  management consulting ventures. Some areas where the project has R&D at are listed. The ventures provide , expertise and management consulting. Systems are designed for client companies or consulting provided to or on client companies funding proposals and existing activities. There had been Professorial and instructional appointments at MIT, UCLA, the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Southern California, before 1990's. The following are the academic institutions w

UCSB, California
Humboldt Universität, Berlin, Germany
TU Berlin, Germany
Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität München

Universität Wien, Austria-carried mathematics abstracts 3 Yrs.
University of Auckland Management Science- MSIS
Auckland, New Zealand
ECU, Perth, Australia
INRIA, Paris, France

Stokholm Universität and KTH, Stokholm, Sweden
Academic e-mail MIT,Cambridge

Academic R&D Areas

The areas preceding an *on links are the founder's innovations.

Specific projects are carried out with university colleagues academic partners or associated companies at times as venture partners.  Example publications links are listed.



Academic and R&D Areas


Computer Science and Informatik,Computing and Models , Management Science and Mathematics



Artificial Intelligence  
     Multiagent AI

   * Agent Signatures
   * Agent Game Tree Planning 

   *A Sound and Complete Agent Logic 

    *Artificial Algebras - 317k 
   * Multiagent Abstract Implementations
      Multiagent KM   type=lniproceedings&volume=28

       Multiagent Planning

     *Multiagent Chess
     Heterogenous Multiagent Computing
    Visual Agent Computing
     Visual Planning 


    Nonmonotonic Logic
      3E2.0.CO%3B2-N -
 - 57k


Artificial Intelligence Planning and Reasoning - Supplemental Result


Automated Deduction and Tree Rewriting - - 5k - 8k -


Business Intelligence



Cryptographic Computing, Creative Certificates, and Signatures 

Computer Science and AMS publications



* Multiagent Fault Tolreance and Systems Reliability - 9k


Agent-based Software Engineering


AII and Heterogeneous Design with

File Format: Microsoft Word - View as HTML
Intelligent Tree Computing Logic, Infinite State Agent Machines and Multiagent Signatures. Cyrus F. Nourani. October 2004 ... - Similar pages




*A Specific Intelligent Multimedia Computing Science and Paradigms


*Abstract Intelligent Implementations for Heterogeneous Software Design and KB -


Cognitive Science - 21k - 50k


Discovery and Consiousness Science" [1998] › Database Entry ... Medien Intelligenz Computers" Morph Stream Processors



Data Types
 - 21k - 6k


*Designing Multiagent IA Systems



Functorial Computing and Models - 6k



*HIFI Computing and Computers -


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